Sick Benefit & PHI claim.

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  1. Normal Bloke

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    Hi all question: If I am claiming from my PHI policy (€500 per week Irish Life) am I still entitled to claim sick benefit as I pay full PRSI and have the stamps. If so will my PHI be reduced because I am claiming sick benefit or visa versa. Also will I have to pay tax on either or both amounts ?

  2. Welfarite

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    Illness Benefit is based on your PRSI contributions and is not means tested. AFAIK, it's taxable.
  3. Dave Vanian

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    If €500 + Social Welfare is greater than 75% of your earned income, Irish Life will reduce your claim so that the combined payment is 75%.
  4. Normal Bloke

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    Ok thanks for that any further info or comments I would be grateful.