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    I am a reluctant landlord and currently rent out my house as size wise it is not suitable for my family.

    The house was built with a defective material in the foundation and is currently unsellable, I have been involved in a 6 year battle with the insurance company to remediate the property and I am expecting to finally have the issue resolved within the next 6 months as result of my Ombudsman complaint.

    A couple moved in last year and I explained that all I could offer was a short term lease, as the house may need to go through a 3 month repair process some time in the future. They were happy to take the house despite the uncertainty and we agreed that I would give them 3 months notice to find a new place if the house needs to be remediated. They get the house at a good market rate and there is regular communication in relation to my progress with the insurance company.

    Last year when we signed a short term lease I verbally explained the circumstances. The short tem lease has now expired and I do not know the best way to formalise our agreement. What is the best way to proceed with this couple in relation to formalising our situation so that there will be no issues if I need them to move out in 6/12 months time.

    I don't want to have went though a 6 year battle with the insurance company only to find that when I ask the tenants to leave, so that the house can be remediated, that they refuse due to some technicality.

    Any advise would be gratefully welcome
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    I believe you will be covered under the 'substantial renovation' clause. The prtb website has sample letters you should use.
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