Shannon cruise recommendations?

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  1. Hello,

    Anyone got any special recommendations on which companies are the best to deal with regarding renting a Shannon cruiser for a week in June? We're looking at Waveline, Silver line, Carrick Craft and Emerald in particular.

    Any experiences good or bad of these firms? Or Shannon cruising in general?

    Thanks a million!
  2. Jonathon

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    Emerald and Carrick are the big operators and will do fine for a first trip. How many berths do you need ? Any experience ?

    Shannon Castle Line have nice boats. We used them last year. They operate out of Lough Derg - some village on west shore that I cant remember. Across from Terryglass which is a nice stopover.

    Crusing the Shannon is a wonderful holiday.
  3. Shannon Castle

    Thanks for the feedback. There's just the two of us, one week, no prior experience.

    Your comment re Shannon Castle Line's "nice boats" will probably swing it in their favour, as the location (Whitegate, Co. Clare) is handy for us (Waveline's website impressed as well, though). Looking at a Shannon 29. Is that what you hired? Any additional pointers much appreciated...