Septic Tank / Wastewater treatment grant


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We need to have our tank upgraded/replaced, including new percolation area and I wanted to check what the criteria are regarding grants.
Based on the info seen here:
there are thresholds for providing a grant, assuming you were previously registered.
This is the also described on most other sites I found, however I then found this link:
(specifically Measure 8) stating:
"In order to ensure greater uniformity with other measures in the Multi-Annual Rural Water Programme the means test that previously applied to this grant scheme is being removed and the level of grant support is being increased to 85% of the eligible costs of installation/upgrade or €5,000 (up from €2,500/€4,000), whichever is the lesser."

however the government application form lists the original criteria:

Have I misinterpreted this new eligibilty or is it not yet in effect?