Separation: BOSI/Pepper Transfer Mortgage Single Name


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My wife and I are separating amicably and she has provisionally agreed to me buying out her share of the family home. Assuming I can fund her share of the equity, I would like to transfer deeds and mortgage to my name. The mortgage is a tracker ECB + 1%, originally with BOSI, but since taken over by Pepper, and I'm loathe to lose it.

As far as I can tell I will at least need a deed of separation and deed of waiver before banks will entertain any kind of transfer. I know they are under no obligation to do so but as I have been the sole earner and paid the mortgage for the past 14 years I was hoping they might take that into account. A quick call to them last week was met with "sorry to hear that but we don't do transfers". Has anyone had any success in getting a transfer done with Pepper? Is transfer even the correct term to use when talking to the bank?

Some details:
Outstanding Mortgage: 160K
Property Value: 260k approx
Remaining Term: 16 years
Salary: 68k
2 dependants

Thanks in advance