Self Employment and Jobseekers


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I'm currently on jobseekers but I want to turn my hobby into a business. I'm not sure that I want to wait until I'm eligible for the BTWEA (not even sure if I will be eligible) so wondering if I can become self employed while still receiving jobseekers or what the process is?
Do I have to come off jobseekers to register as self employed? Is there another allowance I can apply for instead? IIRC you can be both employed and self employed so can I still look for part time work on jobseekers while being self employed?
Any advice on this would be much appreciated


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The Social Welfare office would give you the full ins and outs. If you do want to go down the self-employed route at some stage I'd suggest getting a business plan together - it'll help you get your ducks in a row with regards to business feasibilty etc., but also BTWEA will require one if you decide to wait for eligibility


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You cannot receive the dole and work simultaneously.

You can only receive the JSA/JBA if you are “available for employment”. So, if for example, you are a full-time stay at home parent or a volunteer in a charity shop, you cannot legally receive unemployment benefit.