Self employed - changing from UK to Irish tax system

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    I moved back to ireland about 6 months ago and I'm still self employed in the UK via my Uk registered limited company (I'm the sole employee). I work from home over here and fly back for a couple of days every few weeks at most.

    To date I have paid corporation tax in the UK on profits and income tax via self assessment.
    Anyway I guess its time I started registering/paying tax in Ireland given I'm now staying here permanently and will be shortly resident for tax purposes (i.e. 183 days)

    I believe one option may be to set myself up as self employed here and then invoice my UK company on a monthly basis as a consultant and provider of services for this company and then pay tax and PRSI on this income in Ireland.

    However I'm wondering if another way would be for me to set up a branch of my UK company here, then register as an employer and pay myself (the only employee) a monthly PAYE salary with taxes collected at source and then my company can pay these quarterly to collector general..

    There's no point me having an Irish limited company as it wouldn't be practical for my business or clients as I'm not looking at developing any business here in this particular field.

    Not sure if this latter option is even possible and its no doubt a more expensive/convoluted one (employer PRSI, payroll etc) but I'm attracted to it as it would provide me with monthly payslips as a PAYE worker which would be better for mortgages. I currently have 3 years UK self employment record but I'm concerned setting up here as self employed sends me back to the beginning

    Anyone have any experience of this or see any issues or alternatives ?
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    Yes, we have seen many cases of this scenario before.

    Would you consider dissolving the UK company and just setting up an Irish company here . The Irish Company will employee you as an Irish Resident.