self-build without mortgage- any advice?

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    planning to build a 2000sq ft dormer bungalow over about 4 or 5 years. We plan to move in once we get a shell of a house up and then finish it over time. We are trying to avoid getting a mortgage, or perhaps just getting a credit union loan to get some of the initial expenses out of the way.
    We are building it in the middle of our agricultural land and will hopefully try and get a mobile home installed. I figure once I have the sewage system set up, then the council will be more encouraged to give planning for a mobile home on site. I am afraid of not telling them and getting sporadic visits by the council if I opt out of the BCMS, then being made remove the mobile.

    Just wondering has anyone any experience of building this way without a mortgage and doing it over a long period of time?

    I am planning to opt out of the BCMS, get it done by direct labour and get regular site visits by an engineer to make sure work is up to scratch.

    we built our family home in around 2005, before this council development fee of 5000 and the bcms paperwork fees and signed off checks, so I am not sure what surprise will be next.

    My main concern is to get a heat recovery ventilation system and have the house as passive as possible.
    Have been advised against geothermal heating and installing a small wind turbine, so will most likely just try and get as many solar panels as needed.

    any advice from anyway who tried anything similar would be great. Completely inexperienced with all this, so forgive my ignorance.
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    There is a group on FB called 'Self Build and Renovations Ireland' from which you will probably get all the answers you need to the above. Best of luck.