Section 48 Developments

Bri Cualann

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My brother, an expat, is looking to buy a Summer home for himself in Ireland. He believes Section 48 (1995 finance bill) developments are worth investigating. Anyone know where he might find a list of such developments?

Bri Cualann

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Yes, we know that, Red. It's not the tax that interests the brother.

To quote him:
"These houses were well built and in great locations but many were 2nd homes and foreclosures on quite a few are now ongoing. They are generally being sold cheaply hence some of the local authority interest."


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Most were in seaside locations, some remote enough, if that is what he is speaking of these often appear in distressed auctions, few apartments kept their assessments up to date in apartment buildings and as most were investment/tax driven this led to Hugh arrears, poorly managed developments and failure of the managing company, you need a functioning management company.

Far as I know there is no list but they can be located by searching his favourite spots, a lot have been sold by now but yes there are more, there has to be.