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    I went for an interview 2 weeks ago, when I got to the company the lady who interveiwed me said she worked in the HR department, but that the HR manager who normally conducts the interview was on a day off.

    The lady that did interview me told the agency is that I gave a good interview and was a strong candidate.

    Having followed up with the agency a few times since she told me this morning that the HR Manager makes the decisions has decided to go to offer stage, and that she has 2 candidates that seem right for the job so she has decided not to offer me a round 2 interview.

    This seems a bit unfair to me, I believe that if I had gotten to meet her at interview stage that I could have been offered a 2nd interview and been in with a chance of job offer, but as she is making the decisions I'm not getting an oppurtunity to meet with her at interview and put myself forward for the job.

    I am annoyed that an interview was arranged for me on the day she was off considering she makes the decisions.

    I feel a bit hard done by!

    Any opinions?
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    I won't hurt to give her a quick call direct, but, realistically, the advice would be to look elsewhere. They can always say the other 2 were stronger candidates, and you don't know either way.

    If you do call, use a script and be ultra-civil!
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    Thanks for that!

    I would if I had of applied for the job directly but I got it through an agency and I don't want to go over their head by ringing their client directly.

    Don't want to burn any bridges, they might not put me forward for any more jobs.