second hand car 10k budget shuttle estate hybrid?


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Hi, after a car accident we need a second family car. I already have a a 7 seater good mileage and I'm a sahm so I'll be doing the family driving. We need a car for him with 4/5 seats but a large boot that can carry large items. He does a small home repair business fixing bicycles. He is looking at wheelchair access cars as they tend to have low mileage and wide open space for entry at the back. I hate the idea and think there is no resale down the line. Having said that, he would be the type to drive it for 10 years anyway. I love the idea of honda shuttle hybrid and feel that moving to electric is the way to go. When you see toyota advertising that they are no longer making diesel cars , its saying something.
We live rural with 20 min commute for husbands work and the local mileage with his repairs nixer otherwise he isn't a large mileage car driver.