Searching using Google


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In some cases the AAM vBulletin search may not work (e.g. returns a totally blank web page), an error or does not return threads/posts that you know do exist. If this happens then it might be worth doing a Google site specific search of To do this go to Google and then enter the following into the search text box: <search terms>
For example if I wanted to search for "vibrating flanges" then I would enter: vibrating flanges
or maybe "vibrating flanges"
Obviously the usual Google search term rules apply.

Bear in mind that there may be a time lag between new posts/threads appearing on AAM and them being indexed by Google.

Brendan Burgess

Since the move, the search function on askaboutmoney is not working properly. So use Google instead.

In fact, I find the Google search function better anyway. The Askaboutmoney search function seems to order the results in date order, whereas Google orders them in terms of relevance.