Ryanair-What's happening to flights after 1p.m. tomorrow.

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  1. BOXtheFOX

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    Could someone from Ryanair please let us know what is happening to their flights after 1.p.m. tomorrow. Some of us would like to make alternative arrangements now about travel, hotel bookings etc. Please give us more notice!
  2. callybags

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    It should be obvious that they do not know.

    Otherwise, they would tell us.

    Why would they want to keep it a secret?
  3. z107

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    We made alternative arrangements last Friday before our flight was even cancelled. We're glad we did, because it took three days to get home.

    If you're stuck somewhere, I'd advise looking at alternatives. It all depends of course on your own circumstances.
  4. SoylentGreen

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    They do know.
    I am travelling after 1 p.m. on Wednesday and I have just received an email stating that my flight has been cancelled. However this information is not on their website. It is giving the impression that flights after 1.pm are still on schedule.
  5. callybags

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  6. irishguy1970

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    they have just announced within the last hour all flights between uk and ireland on ryanair cancelled till Friday
  7. learnerplate

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    Do Ryanair have to cancel the flight before refund is given?

    Do Ryanair themselves have to cancel the flight before refund is given?

    If I cancel myself 2 days before the planned flight will I get a refund?

    Like everyone else we're worried about not getting back.

  8. fizzelina

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    I think Ryanair would have to cancel.
  9. learnerplate

    learnerplate Guest

    i think you're right.

    hotel cancellation must be done by tonight though and it looks right now like the flight will go ahead, but who knows what will happen to the return voyage. Gamble gamble gamble.