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Hi there,

I am currently in the process of awaiting the completion of the sales of share options, and I’m having a bout of ‘the dumb’ when it comes to figuring out the RTSO liability. Would appreciate if someone could set me straight.

I was issued with share options, and had the opportunity to vest & sell those shares in a single transaction on a single day. As those shares are listed on a foreign stock exchange, the sale funds are being paid into my bank account as Euros, after broker fees & charges have been deducted.

I asked a member of our accounts department, about the tax status of all this, they would only say that the final figure I get would be assessed as additional income under RTSO, by revenue.

Given that the only monies I receive will be the final payment into my bank account, after charges etc have been paid abroad, is it right to assume the figure that hits my bank account is ‘Total Amount of Gain made on Share Option’?

As I’m a single PAYE earner, but assessed a married couple, is it fair to assume that my liability is the sum of ;
* total gain amount x 40% (income tax rate)
* total gain amount x 4% (PRSI)
* total gain amount x 8% (USC)

If my gross salary & total gain exceeded 100k for the year would the USC increase to 11%?

Thanks for your help.

Paul O Mahoney

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Our experience is 52% of the gain in euro, essentially what hits the bank. You have 30days to make your return.
Don't understand why your usc rises to 11% over €100k as you are Paye


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The 11% rate of USC doesn't apply to share options. RTSO is 52% of gain regardless of income level (except where paying on 20% rate).