Laya Returning to Health Insurance after 5 year absence

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    Due to unemployment, I lapsed my Quinn / Laya policy in 2012.

    I am now looking to take out a new policy to give me hospital cover for possible future operations, as I have had some heart problems which may require surgery in the future, plus I may need a knee replacement at some stage. Cover for Consultant visits would also be required although I do not need GP cover as I have a Medical Card.

    I am 56, and so would have Community Rating applied, but understand that Laya do give some credit for past policy years and unemployment.

    I am considering Simplicity, Simply Health and Connect Choice, but am confused by all the choices and would appreciate any advice.

    Many thanks
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    Just to note, there will be a 5 year waiting time applied for any pre-existing illnesses and conditions before health insurance cover will kick in fully.
    You will be treated as a new customer re waiting times. The first 6 months are only covered for accidents and injuries. After this 6 month waiting
    time any new illnesses are covered straight away, while a 5 year wait applies to any pre-existing illnesses.
    As you mentioned, there will be a max of 3 yrs credit allowed for the period of unemployment, and a 2% credit for every year you previously
    held health insurance in the past.

    The following 3 plans with Laya are worth considering, including good day to day cover and full cover for cardiac and orthopaedic surgery in hi-tech + private hospitals with no excess or shortfall, if it is not classed as a pre-existing condition. Details as follows;

    1. Simplicity Plan; price 1191pa; all public, private and the 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, max excess 100 x 2 per year per admission, 50 excess per day case, good day to day coverincluded on this plan - the first 100 not allowed. There is extra cover for a private room in a private /hi-tech hospital.

    2. Simply Connect Plan; price 1179pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, excess max 150 x 2 pa per admission or 50 excess per day case; good day to day cover included - subject to a max of 300 refund per year.

    3. Control 300 Create; price 1146pa; all public,private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, excess 300 per admission to a private or hi-tech
    hospital or 125 euro excess per day case. Good day to day cover included, 80 euro refund per consultant visit.|518|462&source=plans

    There is no waiting time to serve for day to day cover, regardless of age with Laya.

    Regards, Snowyb