Retentention cert-how long?


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Sale agreed on house ... turns out they dont have planning permission for sunroom so will need to apply for a retention cert so gut wrenching why do people do this?- putting a house up for sale without having proper planning permission for alterations made ??? is that the end of hoping to get this house now or is this something that could happen in the near future..


Some don't understand their responsibilities when it comes to such work, some are badly advised by builders or salespeople who want to avoid the bureaucracy, some other will feel that they are entitled to do what they want with their own property and don't consider the consequences, etc..

It's very likely that anyone else considering purchasing this property will uncover the same issue, so it's certainly not the end. Which particular chapter it is in the story all depends on how the owners respond.


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I'd a similar issue May 2017. My engineer said they needed pp for some extensions. They got their own engineer who confirmed same.

Seller then had to pay a firm to draw what house looked like before and after the work. This took a few weeks.

Took over 3 months more then for retention after lodging it with Cork City council. Council also charged them about 3K once it was granted.

It's a slow process. But if seller wants their money they need to go through the steps. They can't sell it to anyone else either as no solicitor or bank would sign off with an issue like this.

Nothing stopping you looking elsewhere quietly (in case it falls through) whilst remaining sale agreed.