Replacing an 11 year old gas boiler

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by peteb, Jan 16, 2017.

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    Hi Folks

    I posted here before and the advice was useful. Had the boiler serviced last week and the upshot is that it needs replacing.

    Any recommendations as to a boiler type and someone to do it? I obviously dont want cheap. But dont really want to pay more than 2k either. (new baby on the way. Second one!!)

    current boiler is a SIME with no controls. Just a thermostat downstairs. Its a 3 bed house. Is it worth getting zone controls? Does it cost a lot more?

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    ok. I'm revisiting and bumping this. I'm considering getting an 18KW Ideal logic gas boiler with full chemical power flush (suitable for a standard 3-4 bedroom home) € 1650. comes with a 5 year warranty. Any opinions on this boiler?

    Also on controls on the immersion so the immersion heats the water. Is it more economical to use the immersion and electricity or the gas boiler with heat turned down? Would have thought gas was cheaper.
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    We replaced our gas boiler about 3 yrs ago,we installed a Vaillant EcoTec Plus 618 Condenser boiler,cost us €1800,really good boiler,very quiet and the heat output is great for our 4 bed semi and has the capacity if we ever got the attic converted.
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    Just saw that and something worth considering when upgrading any heating or insulation in your house.

    Electric Ireland give you credit against your bills whenever you upgrade your heating system, controls it insulation.

    We got 364 credit from them a few weeks back after we got our walls pumped and attic insulation increased, and that's in top of the Seai grant. There is also a credit for replacing your boiler, but we missed that at the time.

    Also, with regards to heating cibtriks electric Ireland will provide a nest thermostat okus installation for 130 euro (the stat costs I think 280 alone if you were to buy elsewhere (

    Some serious money to be saved here if you are thinking if upgrading
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    Assuming your heating system has a "Hot Water" zone, gas is cheaper, probably less than half the price of using the immersion. If you don't have a separate zone for the water, then it's impossible to say, it may still be cheaper but you'll be heating your entire house at the same time. In the Summer you could turn all the radiators off, so you're only heating the pipes going to the water cylinder. You should definitely get the house zoned when putting the new boiler in if it doesn't add too much to the cost (and you can claim a grant for upgrading your heating controls in this way).