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    The handle on my bathroom window has been giving bother for some time now. When it works properly, it sits at 3 o'clock when closed, and you press a button and move it anti-clockwise to 12 o'clock to open it. The handle did not move any further left than 12.

    Gradually over the last few months I've had to move it further and further left to open it, until it got to the stage where the handle was hanging almost too low to be able to open the window. It now just spins randomly, but the locking bars are out in the closed position while the window is open, meaning I can't close it any more, as the locking bars are in the way.

    Does this sound like something that would be easy to fix myself, or would I be better getting a locksmith/window fitter in? Any idea of cost? I'm currently scared of trying to take the handle off, as with the window stuck in the open position chances are I will drop bits outside!!
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    Hi, same thing happened to a window in my mothers house. The external locking mechanism snapped where the handle meets the it. I contacted a local "windows install" guy & got a second hand one from him for about €8. It's just a few screws keeping in the locking panel in the window, but access is from the outside of the window. It happened on a bedroom window, so I was able to access the window ok as it open sideways out, does your bathroom window (upstairs I assume?) open from bottom outwards or from the side.

    The one I needed to get was an espannolette lock. Reference here... There should be numbers for the size of the lock itself... Handy reference is:

    As I said, there is very little to do to fix this, assuming you can access the lock to take it off... also, your handle needs to come out. Just take note of how it fits together as you are taking it off. Some windows repairers will charge hefty prices for this, call out charge, might insist on replacing handle etc...
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    I need to fit a few window security locks (cockspur type, if that makes sense)
    Anyone know where I might be able to purchase these in Dublin area ?

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    I'm fairly sure that I saw them in woodies diy
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    Thanks NHG.

    I will try there.
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    Woodies or Homebase.About 8 euro.Take the old one with you just to make sure its the same size
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    Thanks net64