Renting house outside Dublin(outside RPZ)

Discussion in 'Property investment and tenants' rights' started by nbc, 6 Jan 2019.

  1. nbc

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    I have a house rented in a midland town to a tenant.
    If i want to end the tenancy does it have to be in order to sell or move in?
    If it's to sell and I provide 4 months notice and tenant moves out earlier than expected am I allowed to change my mind and not sell and rent at whatever rent I wish to charge( current rent 30% below market levels)
  2. Leo

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    The RTB website has some guidance, but regulations around ending a tenancy are the same within or outside the RPZs.

    Changing your mind could be problematic, you need to make a statutory declaration that you will follow through with the sale. Why not just increase the rent?
  3. NoRegretsCoyote

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    You have to make a statutory declaration that you intend to sell, and you would have to advertise it as being for sale in due course.

    Whether you accept what offers come your way is your business I guess.