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    To guest,

    I think you are right that it is pointless to start paying for a mortgage while you pay just 580 rent. Even with the best of todays historically low interest rates you are paying the equivalent of interest on a 225k loan. Unless you think you can buy a comparable property for less than that, in the short term you are better off continuing to rent for as long as it lasts, possibly investing the extra you would have to pay on a mortgage.

    The advantages of buying would be benefit from any appreciation in the property, but at the moment, in Dublin especially, there is no certainty that property prices will not stagnate or depreciate. There are less risky investments or speculations available. The other thing is you don't have the freedom to modify the house as you see fit, but neither are you liable to the risk of accidental damage to the house (a risk you would normally insure against as an owner).

    Of course this is all my own humble opinion, I have no particular expertise in this area and would be interested in any contradictions. I am planning to buy soon, for me a mortgage is still cheaper than renting but the difference is not much. I imagine it would be extremely unlikely that the difference in cost between renting and buying would decrease further, but it is something I'm keeping an eye on.
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    I worked in London some years back on a documentary, while there I rented, happy to do so, was near work, on great transport system and in those days i thought I would never settle

    now I have just bought a place, to rent in the same city as you come from when there is a chance with hard work you can buy a place is not for me,

    i cant say if it's right or wrong but im proud I can lock the door on my own house every day and am in a appreciating asset.