Rent Rules for new tenancies


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One of your obligations as a landlord is to inform new tenant of the old rent and how it has been calculated in line with RPZ rules:

In the case of a new tenancy in a Rent Pressure Zone, unless the property is exempt from the RPZ rental restrictions a landlord is required to furnish the tenant, in writing, with the following information at the commencement of the tenancy:

  • The amount of rent that was last set under a tenancy for the dwelling,
  • The date the rent was last set under a tenancy for the dwelling, and
  • A statement as to how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated having regard to the Rent Pressure Zone formula.

When a tenancy ends within a Rent Pressure Zone and new tenants move in to the rented dwelling, landlords must adhere to the RPZ formula and cannot set the rent for the new incoming tenants to market levels.
I have no idea if the RTB are doing any kind of matching exercise. My guess would be that the data quality is poor so they would get a lot of false positives and negatives. I'm again speculating but I suspect the RTB relies on tenant reporting for enforcement.

However say you find a new tenant and sign a lease at market rates. They could subsequently take you to the RTB and force you to disclose previous rent, and set their own rent in line with it.