Rent Allowance

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    (For a friend)
    My friends ex is going to seek rent allowance,as she can no longer afford the rent without my friends contribution.
    Situation:she is renting a 3 bed house in Dublin 7 with her daughter,and her sister.
    The sister is working and paying 1/3 of the rent(approx €530).
    The ex is working part-time,could afford the rent and has lived there for a year.
    Now my question.!
    When you look up the max rent tables,it is €1250 for an adult and qualified child.Is this for her share of the total rent (2/3s of€1600) or is it the total rent of the house?
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    The maximum rent limit is the amount paid by the person applying for Rent Supplement - in this case the 2/3 of 1600 euro.