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    I have a relative who is on the Back to Education Allowance, still living at home and commuting to college. For reasons which I won't get onto here, this is no longer tenable for family reasons. Also I don't think it is doing the mature student themselves any good. They have never lived independently (no reason why they couldn't or shouldn't). They also live a good distance from the college and living nearer to it would be better for them for study and student life.
    I did ask student before about accommodation for college (as I assumed they would be moving) but they said that this was not funded. I understand that rent allowance is allowable for students, but this person has never claimed rent allowance as they have never paid rent.
    My concern is that if I don't have the facts to hand, it is very easy for the student to fob off any changes that are proposed. It's a difficult one, and I am prepared to help them become more independent, even starting with the next academic year, so giving them lots of time, helping out. so my queries are:
    - Can a mature student apply for rent allowance if they are moving nearer to college (they are not currently claiming it, just the BTEA)?
    - Is rent allowance accepted at college campus accommodation (might be an easier way for the student to start living independently)?

    Many thanks
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