General Renewal options 2AD on one plan 500 2 Kids o one plan family

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    Family of 4 currently with 2 adults on VHI one plan 500 and 2 kids on one plan family. Works out around 150 euro per month.

    The annual confusion has arrived so I was hoping someone could advise on a choice of plans coming in for around 150 per month or if any offers might benefit.

    We would like private hospital access and would pay an excess for in patient as we already do etc
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    VHI One Plan 500 is the best value plan at that level, any cheaper plans would have a restricted list of private hospitals.
    Some savings can be achieved for the childrens plans with VHI, details as follows;
    1. One + Plan; price per child 145pa; public, private and hi-tech hospitals covered, 125 excess.
    2. One Plan 150; price 126.50 per child; public, private and Beacon hospital covered; 150 excess.|352|200&source=plans

    Regards, Snowyb