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    Hello Snowyb et al,

    I'm reposting this query in the hope that anyone has some last minute advice.

    We are a family of 8 with our health insurance due for renewal on August 1st 2018.
    The break down of ages and current policies are:

    2 Adults - Currently on Simply Connect
    1 Young Adult - aged 21 - PMI 1211
    1 Young Adult - aged 19 - PMI 1211
    1 Young Adult - aged 18 - One + Plan

    3 Children ages, 16,13 and 12 - One + Plan.

    Simply Connect still looks a good option for the adults at €1100.00 each/

    Can you advice if there are any other suitable alternative plans for the young adults and children who are very active and involved in sports.

    Many thanks,
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    Sorry with the delay in replying, as I was dealing with a recent close family bereavement.
    You still have 5 days left to make any changes to your health insurance, ie upto 14 days after renewal date to change your mind.

    Firstly, One + Plan is best value for the 3 children ages 16, 13 and 12 and switching for them would NOT be cost effective.

    Secondly, I would recommend switching the 3 young adults, ages 18, 19 and 21 to VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3 as the day to day excess
    amount is just 1 euro per person. This means refunds for gp visits, dental etc kick in straight away, even if its just 1 or 2 visits per year.
    Details as follows;

    VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3; price 382( for 18 and 19 year olds) price 542( for 21 year old); all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals
    covered, excess 150 per private/hi-tech admission, day case excess 50 in private or hi-tech hospitals. No excess applies in any public hospital.
    Good day to day cover included on this plan, with a 1 euro excess, 50% refund for gp visits, dental, consultant visits, physio etc.|648|200&source=plans

    Thirdly, it may be an option to switch the 2 adults also to VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3 @ price 1128pa per adult.
    Details of cover as seen above, very similar to Simply Connect.|648&source=plans

    My reason for recommending this switch is so you can avail of the 50 cash back reward from VHI if you sign up to pay by deduction from salary or
    direct debit. Also, there is a 50 euro cash back if every adult member signs up to receive documents online. So, in your case there is a 300 euro
    cash back available. This has to be done before 1 September 2018. Refund will be made after this date.
    Details explained in the following link;

    This is a very attractive incentive to switch, even if just for one year in the adults case.
    The refund applies even if you already pay by direct debit for some of the family.

    Regards, Snowyb
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    Good to hear from you again Snowyb

    Sorry to hear of your recent bereavement. I thought there was something amiss as you are always so active and helpful with our queries.

    Mind yourself

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    Many thanks Snowyb,

    Condolences on your sad loss.

    You are a mine of information and we are all so grateful for your advice year year.

    Take care,

    Bean óg
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