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    Yet another renewal question.
    Renewal date is 22/01/2017. Current plan is VHI's "HealthPlus Extra". Renewal quote is 5,012.30.

    Couple are in mid 80's, with the husband having moved into a nursing home a few weeks ago. His main issue requiring nursing home care is that he has mobility issues, and is at high risk of falling. He does have dementia, but it is currently limited to relatively mild confusion (has been worse at times),but is likely to get worse. He has age related conditions e.g. type 2 diabetes.

    Wife is now living on her own, not in great health but is mobile and able to live independently for the time being.

    They have been VHI members for 30+ years, and would be reluctant to change to a new provider - but is this the best plan for them given their current situation?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    At a minimum, I would definitely switch to old Plan B - Healthplus Access price 2045pa per person. Details as follows;
    Healthplus Access; price 2045pa; same hospital cover as before, no excess payable with this plan, limited day to day cover -similar as before.

    If someone has a few ongoing health complaints, especially an older person , it is recommended that they choose a plan with no excess.
    Plan B Options and Plan B both tick that box. Both plans also have full orthopaedic cover in private/hi-tech hospitals which is important for an
    older person. There is extra level 2 cardiac cover on these 2 plans, called TAVI procedure which means heart valve surgery by keyhole if a person is not suitable for full open heart surgery.

    The following link compares the above 2 plans, there is an error re prices on this link at the moment which should be rectified shortly.|68&source=plans

    An alternative cheaper VHI plan would have no excess to pay as before, but it would not have the extra cardiac level 2 TAVI cover, and orthopaedic cover would be restricted to 80%. If using either Mater Private or Blackrock Clinic for orthopaedic surgery was an option if required - there would be no shortfall to pay as these 2 hi-tech hospitals do not pass on these charges to the patient. However, other private hospitals would charge the shortfall amount which could be 2 or 3 thousand depending on the procedure.
    Details as follows;
    PMI 42 15; price 1740pa; public, private and hi-tech hospitals covered, 80% orthopaedic cover in private or hi-tech hospitals, good day to day cover but a 2 year wait would be applied for over 65s, current day to day cover would apply while waiting. No excess as before. No TAVI cardiac
    cover on this plan.|654&source=plans

    Regards, Snowyb
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    Thanks so much Snowyb, this was very helpful.