Health Insurance Renewal 1 adult (Comm loading) + 2 kids


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I've got 1 adult on VHI plan 250 (community loading applicable at 22%) and 2 kids (aged 5 and 10) on One Plan Extra

I see in other posts that Laya have a deal where you pay for just one child with an adult

Are there equivalent plans with Laya, (or am I doing just as good with VHI?)

The only stipulation is that the excess isn't too much higher on the adult plan (300 or less would be ideal). No restrictions on hospitals because we use Tullamore and that seems to be on the list of restricted hospitals in a lot of plans.

Thanks :)


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I've been doing some research

Can I put the adult on precision 300 connect from laya and the kids on flex 125 explore?

Laya won't quote me online without the kids and adult having the same plan but I wondered if the above was actually possible?



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Hi ImARebel,

Yes you can put the adult on Laya Precision 300( 858pa + 22% loading) and the children on Lay Flex 125 Explore price 374 in total.
Note; Laya have a 3% charge if you pay monthly or by installments, the other 2 providers don't have this extra charge.
There is a restricted list of private hospitals on the adult plan, so for a price similar to VHI there is a loss of private hospital choice with Laya.
The private hospital excess on Precision 300 Connect means 300 is payable for every admission to a private hospital.
Child Note; there are 3 plans included in the special offer for children. Details in the link below.

One way of making savings with VHI is to switch the children to VHI One Plan 150 instead at 197 per child. Price reduction overall 114 per year.
If you wanted to include the 2 hi-tech hospitals Mater Private Dublin and Blackrock College for the children, One Plus Plan @ 225 per year.
I would base my decision on the choice of private and public hospitals covered with each company.
All three providers cover the Tullamore public hospital, so the difference between them is the range of private hospitals covered.

Irish Life; Adult Option

The Irish Life Benefit 2 plan is worth considering, if the private hospitals list suits.
Note; the private hospital excess is capped at 300 x 2 max per year for all private hospital admissions, there is no excess to pay in any public hospital.
Adult price 844 + 22% loading,
The HIA website does not show the hospital lists, I've notified them to correct this problem
The following link from Irish Life shows the public and private hospitals covered.

Irish Life Child Option
Irish Life Benefit plan is worth considering, @ child price 190 per child; all public and private hospitals covered and Beacon hi-tech hospital Dublin.
Private excess is capped at 200 x 2 max per year for all private hospitals admissions.

Adult Plans link

Child links for VHI and Irish Life;

Child Link; 3 Laya plans in the childrens special offer - pay for 1st child and the rest of the children are free.

I would base my decision for adults and children on the range of private hospitals covered on each plan, as the difference in price is minimal.

Regards, Snowyb