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Alan Moore

Me & Mrs M are in the process of moving house at present. Was thinking about using a professional mover as we seem to have collected quite a lot of heavy awkward shaped furniture. However have heard there are quite a few cowboys in this market and was wondering if anyone out there could put hand on heart and recommend a good un that hopefully won't cost as much as the house itself.

Sarah Wellband

Re: Professional Movers

Hi Alan,

I used a firm who are now called United Air Freight [(can't recall their previous name) and they were helpful, friendly, professional and very reasonably priced. Their number is 8362044.


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Brendan Burgess

Re: Professional Movers

Bray removals were recommended to me by two people whom I would trust. I used them and they were excellent. Turned up when they said they would. Worked hard and were careful.

And nice guys to deal with too.



Re: >>Professional Movers

Some other posts

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Furniture removal and storage in Dublin

Am selling up in Dublin and want to put my furniture into storage for a period of 12 - 24 months, before moving it to London.

I'll be paying for all this meself, so the budget is tight.

Does anyone know of any decent movers that can handle this sort of thing ?


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Re: Furniture removal and storage in Dublin

There's a storage place on the naas road before red cow. hire a van yourself if possible and move stuff there.

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Re: Furniture removal and storage in Dublin

I've had stuff in storage for a few months in the back of Finglas in the New Century Business Park - Dublin Self Storage. They charge €127 a month for a fairly big room (50 square foot - I think). It's professional and seems safe. Their website is


Re: >>Professional Movers

This post was made elsewhere by ajapale:

Thanks Molly,

I got the following list from the Southern Health Board (for relocating hospital staff)

Nat Ross
Monahan Road, Cork.
Tel: 021 968539 Fax: 021 312418

Allen Removals
Tel: +353 (0) 1 451 3585

Crown Worldwide Movers
Tel: +353 (0) 1 839 1261

Oman Moving & Storage
Tel: +353 (0) 1 605 7845

A & A Cronin
Tel: +353 (0) 1 839 1261

Careline International
Tel: + 1800 511 212

thanks to molly and iano who suggested this company:
Stevens G A & Son Ltd U 19 Southern X Bus Pk Bray
01 2829388

I have also located the following useful information from DJ Hanleys

from djhanleys website
4 Weeks before you move Home

• File a change of address form with the Post Office for each person receiving mail at your home.

• Notify creditors, magazines, and book and record clubs of your new address.

• Contact doctors and dentists for your family's medical records.
Ask your doctors for colleague recommendations in your new area.
Get copies of renewable prescriptions.

• Decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity. (Consider having a garage sale.)

• Complete a home inventory listing each possession, date purchased and value.

• Notify your local authorities (water, gas, electricity) to have your service turned off after your departure. Contact utilities at your new home for connections.

• Notify your children's schools, your church, clubs and any other organisations of your impending move.

3 Weeks before you move

• Decide which items you will pack, and request delivery of packing materials
Sketch out the floor plan of your new home to determine placement of furnishings.

• Make a list of names, addresses and numbers you will need or want to remember.

• Pack your local phone book and Golden Pages so you can contact businesses after your move.

• Notify Movers if you have changed anything about your move; household goods, destination, dates of the move, etc.

• Transfer contents of safety deposit box.

• Check home owner’s insurance policies to see if moving is covered.

• Transfer insurance to cover fire, theft and personal property at your new home

• When packing dispose of items you do not require in your new home.
(A car boot sale can be a good idea)

2 Weeks before you move

• Plan your trip to your new destination.
(Make travel accommodations, and if driving, have your car serviced.)

• Return borrowed things, and collect things you've loaned.

• Make arrangements for servicing your appliances both at your current home and your new home

• Dispose of flammables such as petrol, matches, cleaning fluids, bleach, pressurised or aerosol cans

• Discontinue regular services such as newspaper, window cleaning, etc.

• If moving your TV antenna or satellite dish, make arrangements to have it taken down.

• Arrange parking at your old and new addresses, if necessary.
(Your local council should be able to assist.)

1 Week before your move

• Transfer bank and savings accounts so you do not lose interest.

• Make arrangements to discontinue your local telephone service. (Your local telephone company can help you establish phone service at your new home.)

• Determine which items you're taking with you.
If doing your own packing, pack these items and set aside in a designated area

• Have rugs and curtains cleaned. (Keep in protective bags.)

• Use up your frozen food supply or give it away.

• Drain the fuel from lawnmowers and other power equipment.

• Pack and empty your loft/sheds.

Day of your Move

• Disconnect your cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, Disconnect any light fittings.

• Make sure plants are drained of excess water.

• Be on hand when the D.J. Hanley driver arrives and throughout the loading process.

• Accompany the driver during inventory. Check on the condition of your goods as they are loaded.

• Make a final tour of your home. See that nothing is overlooked. Lock all windows and doors, and turn off all switches

• It is a good idea to arrange for a friend to have the children if possible

• Either take your pets to kennels, a friend's, or ensure they are in a locked room during the removal

• Jewellery and cash should be moved by you and is your responsibility.

Here is a checklist of people and companies to notified

Post Office
Insurance Companies
Banks and Financial Institutions
Current Account

Book Club
Other Clubs
Cable Company
Internet Service Provider
And from careline despite Irish addresses appears to refer to UK

The first step when organising a move is to contact a reputable removal company that is a member of affiliations such as the BAR, BAR Overseas and the HHGFAA. Contact Careline by either phone or this web page. Try to provide at least two weeks notice to your removals company so all aspects of your move can be catered for.

Change of address

The following should be informed of change of address
§ Bank
§ Credit Card Company
§ Schools - Moving to and from
§ Inland Revenue - Income and motor tax
§ Driving License - International license where required
§ Local Council - Notify move from and to councils
§ Post Office - Arrange for mail to be forwarded
§ Pension
§ Insurances
§ Shares & Bonds
§ Doctor/Dentist/Optician
§ Health Insurance
§ TV License
§ Cable TV Rental
§ Electricity
§ Water Board
§ Gas Board
§ Phone Company

International Moving Requirements

If travelling abroad make sure of the following;

§ Check that your passports and visa's are valid
§ Check whether any permits are required, e.g. for residency, work, vehicles or firearms
§ Check vaccination requirements
§ Check your travel documents and tickets
§ Obtain invoices for new purchases (for customs import formalities)


If you are in between houses for a period organise your accommodation as early as possible


Arrange for childcare if required. Ensure that your children are aware of what is happening and bring familiar items with them on the journey.


Keeps pets indoors on the day of the move. If going abroad, get advice from your Careline contact about the transport of your pets.

Furniture and Fittings

Organise for any awkward furniture or fittings that may need dismantling or refitting. Your Careline team will be capable of dismantling small items but be sure to advise of these requirements. Disconnect lights and clean and dry electrical appliances such as washing machines.


Dispose of any items that you do not want to bring with you, including furniture, clothes and food.


Dig up garden plants before the move, wrap roots in plastic and prop up weak plants with canes. Clean garden tools as well as tools and bikes. Drain fuel from motor mowers.

Library / Items on Loan

Ensure any borrowed items such as books, CD’s, hedge trimmers, are returned.


If you are packing items yourself remember to label carefully any breakables.

Dry Cleaning

Ensure all items are collected for cleaners and fitters.

The day before the move there are some important points to note.

Refrigerator/Deep Freeze

Empty, defrost and dry out your deep freeze and refrigerator. This is especially important for customers leaving items in storage for a period of time, as mildew will form.


Ensure the keys of your new house are available and the old keys are made available.


Run down stocks of food and drink. Dispose of all perishables and do not allow to enter storage. Make sure refreshments are available on the move day, as your cooker may not be connected.

Personal Items

Separate all personal items that are to travel with you, e.g. keys, documents, passports, tickets, certificates, currency, clothing, etc.

Inventory List - On the day

Be available to sign off items as they are being removed from the truck.


Arrange with neighbours to leave sufficient parking space for the removal vehicle.

On moving stay relaxed and let Careline do the work.

From Nat Ross
What you should look for when engaging a moving company
It is important to ensure that when you engage a Moving Company - you are choosing the right mover. We have outlined the following list of questions which can assist you we hope, in choosing the right mover.

How long has the company been in business?
How long has the salesperson or estimator your speaking with been in the industry?
Does the company hold a Freight Carriers License?
What Trade Associations if the company affiliated to?
Does the company hold an independent quality Certification?
Will the company engage any third party contractors for your move? i.e. Electricians, Cleaning Companies. If so, who are they?
If possible make an appointment to visit the companies' premises?

Moving Terminology:
Bill of Lading
This is the document issued by the shipping company once your goods have been loaded onto the Ocean vessel. The document is confirmation of shipment and must be produced at destination to retrieve the shipment from the destination port.

Airway Bill
This is the document issued by the Airline once your goods have been booked onto a flight. The number attached this document will allow you trace the status of the arrival of the shipment.

Binding Estimate
A binding estimate is an agreement made in advance with the mover that guarantees the total cost of the move based on the quantities and services shown on the estimate. A non-binding estimate is the carrier's approximation of the cost based on the estimated volume / weight of the shipment. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the carrier and the final charges will be based on the actual volume / weight once the consignment has been collected.

Blanket Wrapping
Cotton blanket wrapping, usually used for local and some European Moves.

These are cardboard boxes of different sizes used for various items i.e., books, china, linen. Dolly - A device on wheels used to carry stacks of boxes or other heavy items to a moving truck.

Domestic Move
Move within Ireland

Items or cause of damage specifically excluded from the insurance policy. For example money, jewellry, mechanical derangement, check the insurance information provided by your mover.

Fire Insurance Cover
Specifically to cover the risk of fire whilst your goods are in store, sometimes this risk is included within a policy, other instances it is specified separately.

Owner Packed Goods
All items that maybe packed by the owner of the property.

Lump Sum
A rate given based on the information supplied by you to the mover, this is the price charged as long as the information supplied is accurate.

The mover providing transportation of your household goods.

Transportation for a private shipper for which payment is required at the time of delivery at the destination residence (or warehouse).

High Value Article
Items included in a shipment that are valued at more than ECU 500.00 . These items should be disclosed to the mover to ensure they are protected accordingly.

The detailed descriptive list of your household goods showing the number and condition of each item.

Long Carry
An added charge for carrying articles excessive distances between the mover's vehicle and your residence.

Shuttle Service
Use of a smaller vehicle to provide service to residences that are not accessible to the mover's normal vehicles.

Storage-In-Transit (SIT)
Temporary warehouse storage of your shipment pending further transportation, for example, if your new home isn't quite ready to occupy. You must specifically request SIT service, which may not exceed a total of 180 days of storage, and you will be responsible for the added charges for SIT service, as well as the warehouse handling and final delivery charges.

Warehouse Handling
An additional charge applicable each time SIT service is provided. This charge compensates the mover for the physical placement and removal of items within the warehouse.

Terminal handling Charges
Issued by the shipping line for loading and offloading the container from the vessel onto the quay side

Charge issued by the shipping line as a result of holding the container on the quay or warehouse longer than the agreed time at destination normally five working days

Moving FAQs (again from Nat Ross)
How do I find out the cost to move my household goods?
The cost to move your household goods by a professional mover is determined by the type of move - local or international, the volume to be moved and the mode of transport you wish to use.

I only have a small amount that needs to be moved, what do you suggest?
Typically, professional movers have a minimum weight that they require to book a move. Although it varies from company to company, it is generally 100 cubic feet / 3 cubic meters.

How do I find out the cost of living difference between two cities?
As part of the family of websites, we are pleased to be able to recommend visiting our affiliate This Web site provides a wealth of information on regional cost of living differences

What does the terminology of estimates mean?
We would suggest that you discuss in details with your surveyor the content of the estimate to ensure that when comparing with other movers you are looking at the same type of move being quoted.

How do I find out if a mover is reputable?
We would suggest that you check with Trade Associations and also the Department of Transport to check both Registration of Transportation Certification and also Trade Affiliation.

Will I save money if I pack myself?
If you're looking to economize, packing yourself is a good place to start, provided you have the time and energy to achieve professional results. If you decide to do your packing yourself, consider your responsibilities. It takes time and energy to get the job done right, but doing it yourself can be a real money saver. It is important to note that we will be unable to insure your owner packed items whilst in transit.

Where do I go to buy boxes and cartons for packing?
Within our quotation we will provide for the cost of packing materials and can arrange to deliver various cartons in advance of your move.

How much should I tip my moving crew?
As with any industry, tipping is a personal decision. Many individuals do tip the driver and let the driver disperse the portion to the crew that they think is appropriate.

Finally the Nat Ross terms and conditions are well laid out and interesting I wont replicate them here.

If I get more information Ill post it here



Removal and Storage

We eventually went for:
A.M.C. Removals & Storage
Co Kildare
(045) 874498

They had the cheapest quote and even came down a bit after a haggle.

They were thoroughly professional and friendly as well.

They moved stuff from the attic, some of the other companies who quoted would not go near the attic.


Marion, would you consider combining the two key posts dealing with "Removal and Storage"?


Re: >>Professional Movers

"Marion, would you consider combining the two key posts dealing with "Removal and Storage"?"

Hi AJAPale,

I've had a chat with Marion and we both feel that the 2 key posts as they stand - one for moving within Ireland (this one) and the second for moving abroad, Removal Companies - Moving abroad cover most options.

Do you have any particular reason for making the request?


Re: >>Professional Movers

Do you have any particular reason for making the request?
No, the distinction between the two key posts was not clear to me.

I also encounterd difficulty searching the on line golden pages until I realsied that the GP category is "Removal and Storage". "Removals" alone and you get hair removals and undertakers as well!

Anyway its great the way it is! Thanks



Some other posts

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Cardboard Storage Boxes


Anyone know of a place to get the flat-pack cardboard storage boxes, which when made up are actually fairly robust?

Argos do packs of 10 for €23, which seems a mite pricey - anyone found any somewhere else for better value?


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storage boxes

Viking Direct has packs of 10 for €16.90

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Re: Cardboard Storage Boxes

Just a word of warning...the Argos ones aren't very sturdy.

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Where to get Boxes for Moving?

Where gives away free boxes for packing stuff? Moving house and we have run out!! Have tried Superquinn (small boxes), Power City, Dunnes, Woodies all had none.

Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Henny Penny
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try ...

Mc Donalds.

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I find that bars and off licences have tonnes of good quality cardboard boxs left over from spirits deliverys.

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Re: boxes.

Thanks a mill.

Mc Donalds??????

Registered User

Hi sell boxes and bubble wrap for moving. They have a freephone number: 1 800 211 243.



Henny Penny
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,,, you don't think they make the burgers etc. on site do you? All deliveries come in cardboard boxes ... we used them when we moved ... they have millions of them.

Happy moving.


Re: Key Post: Removal Companies - within Ireland

Can anyone tell me approximate what would be the cost of house removal from the midlands to cork city (4 bed semi with garage which belongs to two horders!) Thanks in advance :D


Re: Key Post: Removal Companies - within Ireland

Some of the information on this key post might be a bit out of date.


Frequent Poster
Re: Key Post: Removal Companies - within Ireland

Anyone have any guidance on likely cost of moving ? A 3 bed house in south dublin to similar house about 10 miles away also south dublin.


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Re: Key Post: Removal Companies - within Ireland

don't use allen removals. they broke some of my stuff (wedding presents worth about €350) and because of the excess policy on the insurance, i received a cheque for €150! i should add here that i had to pay €100 for the insurance policy in the first place. i guess you'd be better off if they broke the more expensive stuff!!

they also wrecked the carpet as it was a rainy day and for some reason they had no carpet protectors with them. had to use some of my towels.

to cap it all one of them left an enormous poo floating in my toilet!

when they were moving my belongings into the new house they just dumped all the boxes in the kitchen/dining area despite claiming when they were giving me the quote that part of the service was to put the relevant boxes in the relevant rooms.

i was paying through the nose for what was supposed to be a premium service and it was far from it.


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Re: Key Post: Removal Companies - within Ireland

Hi - anyone have some recent updates ? Or a cost guesstimate for moving - similar to Putsch above ?