Registrar Honohan has been removed from debt cases

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    The date when the tracker should have been offered or taken up is the operative date for the statute of limitations
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    Sorry, of course you are correct. I was thinking of a different scenario when I posted above.
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    'Court president should explain why he took debt cases from me' - says Master of High Court
    Looks like they might have to fire him because he's not going to stay quiet in the role no matter how much they kick him
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    If I read the Court Officers Act 1926 right then he can only be removed by the Government with the agreement of the Chief Justice and the President of the High Court.

    I doubt that is likely.
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    Ed's latest salvo

    Judges no longer able to view bank records ‘without suspicion’
    Judges uncritically favouring banks ‘should resign’, High Court master Honohan says
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    he's still talking and we're still talking about him......he won't stop until he's done!
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    With or without P Honahan The banks are not going to get back the money the over lended To mortgage holders,

    The people who are giving out about P honahan would be giving out anyway, Because only for him there would lots of hard earned taxpayers money spent housing the people the Banks over lent too without checking could they pay it back,

    I know there are people taking advantage of the fact Banks over lending makes it is hard for the Banks to get repossessions, But they Brought it on themselves,

    I don't like it one bit, but there is nothing in it for the taxpayers if Banks could just throw people out of the houses the over lent too, Driving up house prices at the time of lending,

    If we are not very careful the taxpayers will be picking up another Bill by the looks of things,
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    This is a really shocking case illustrating how off the wall Honhohan has become

    It's in the Sunday Times so you will need a subscription.

    Nama wins appeal on case struck out by ‘irrational’ High Court master Edmund Honohan

    Nama has successfully appealed an “irrational” order made by the master of the High Court, striking out its application for a €19m judgment against a businessman.

    In January, Edmund Honohan, who holds the quasi-judicial role of High Court master, struck out Nama’s attempt to get a judgment against the businessman John Brennan.

    In an affidavit filed with the High Court, Alan Quigley, Nama’s solicitor in the case, accuses Honohan of acting irrationally, inappropriately and outside his jurisdiction by arguing for one side in the case. Nama claims Honohan was “wrong in fact and in law”.
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    He sounds like a complete and utter moron.