Redundancy and Employee leaving

Discussion in 'Redundancy, unemployment & jobseekers entitlements' started by contemporary, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. contemporary

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    At the end of the week I had planned to give two employees notice of redundancy, this morning one of the employees has given in their notice to say they are starting a job in two weeks. So the question is, do I now need to give that employee notice of redundancy?
  2. Palerider

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    No you do not, it would be prudent to hold off on any further action until that employee has left and has started in their new role.
  3. Setanta12

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    No. Were you planning redundancy payments? If so, be sure to formally record acceptance of the notice today/tomorrow - registered An Post letter to his home address - to ensure that there'll be no problems when the employee leaving for the new job becomes aware he's lost out on a redundancy payment.