AIB Redress questions


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Hi, I recently heard about the appeals process on RTE radio and on the 7th of March I contacted AIB to request the appeals pack. Jason explained to me the appeals deadline in my case was 12th of March (yesterday) but I only received my appeals pack in today's post. After numerous attempts I got through to BDO today and the lady asked me to send my pack with a cover letter outlining my appeal.
The basis of my appeal is quite simple. After the fixed term on my mortgage I should have been offered a tracker rate by the bank but they failed to do so. How do I calculate the loss that I incurred over the years from that time until now. Luckily in my case I was able to afford my payments and there was no real extra stress or pressure but none the less if I should have been on a better rate it would have meant a big saving. The original amount of my mortgage was €416k.