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  1. JohnRoberts

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a few recommendations for recruiters to get in touch with as I seek a new role.

    I currently work in Telecoms and have also experience in the financial sector. I am starting to look for a new role but am a bit unsure of how to proceed. Two recruiters have been recommended to me and I have emailed and called them leaving messages but haven't heard from them.

    Anyone have any good experiences?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. MrEarl

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    I asked a somewhat similar question here a while back and got a few mixed responses.

    As far as I can see, the recruitment industry is unregulated and a lot of firms have "popped up" in recent times. Calls not being returned, claims of agencies making up jobs that don't exist and advertising them to collect CVs, or recruiters just looking for the "low hanging fruit" etc. are widespread. I have also noticed some employers purposely excluding recruitment agents when they advertise a job directly, so they must have their reasons. That said, not all recruitment agencies are bad, no more than not all taxi drivers, bankers etc. are bad. Personally, I would look towards the long term established firms - particularly those recognised for recruiting in the industries your interested in.

    I would also suggset you get set up on LinkedIn - there are a lot of jobs advertised there by both employers and recruiters. Where possible, I would deal direct with the employeer.
  3. amtc

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    What kind of telecoms? I'm looking for someone to fill a project finance role for me. Pm me
  4. JohnRoberts

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    Thanks MrEarl, appreciate your reply. Yeah I'm up on LinkedIn so am working that, agencies I'll do a bit of research on. They are just sales people anyway so should expect the behave mostly in the same way ;)
  5. Setanta12

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    There are also some scraper websites which lift vacancies from other websites e.g.

    Recruiters came and went at a shocking pace during the recession.
  6. JohnRoberts

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    Sorry can't pm you as I haven't posted enough! Can you PM me the details and a contact and I'll come back to you.