Recommendations for oven/heated drawer/microwave.

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    Its been a long time since we replaced our oven so we were thinking of buying a Neff double oven, heated drawer and microwave. We want pyro clean on the oven so may be restricted from getting the 'slide and hide' option.

    Having read some online reviews here we are wondering if the Neff are worth the money because they are quite expensive.

    We've always thought highly of Bosch stuff but as usual a few people have said to us recently that its not as good as it used to be?

    Microwaves have also changed a lot since we bought our €60 one :)

    Any views on what's really necessary, worth the extra few bob and useful?

    Views on which brand to go for would also be appreciated.

    We're not into baking so that's not important.

    Thanks in advance for any advice given :)
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