Recommendations for combined tax & pension "tidy up"


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As part of my New Year planning I am looking to put a bit more structure on my finances. I have a couple of items I'd like to clear up and would be interested if there are any recommendations for a single advisor who could address them all - I was hoping to avoid having to go to multiple if possible. I don't think any of the individual items are particularly complex. Among the items are;

- Moving my annual tax prep and submission. I have historically filled out the form 12 on-line for myself and my wife (I'm PAYE primarily but do have to fill out a form 12). My wife has fairly straightforward self-employed income. We are starting to have some additional income items which aren't complex and frankly I'm fine doing most of the prep / information gathering. But I'd like to move the admin and want to ensure we don't miss anything

- Ongoing advice on tax efficiency (if any - as I said, we have a straight forward setup)

- Consolidation of my wife's pension situation. She has an historic employer pension (DC) scheme but no ongoing one. Probably makes sense to review / consolidate. Also - I'm max'd out but again probably worth looking at our joint situation

- Looking at my wife's historic PRSI situation and whether we need to take action in terms of ensuring adequate coverage (we are early 50's - so rather than leaving it too late).

All in all, none of these are overly complex and I don't know if it would warrant getting separate taxation and pension advisors. But combined, it might be worth it.

Any suggestions welcome.


Brendan Burgess

You do need separate people.

The first priority is to get good pensions and general financial advice.

Steven Barrett who contributes here would be an option.

When that is sorted, you can go to an accountant to file or review your tax returns.

If they are fairly straightforward, you might be better off doing this yourself. You remain in control and you don't have the hassle of chasing an accountant who might not make a small client a priority.

Or do them yourself but before you submit them, ask an accountant to review them to see if you are missing anything.