Recommend interior door blinds suppliers - Dublin area.

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by DeclanDublin, 9 May 2018.

  1. DeclanDublin

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    I have three internal bedroom doors with glass panels, they are partially frosted. want to fit adjustable blinds which will allow for privacy, but which can also be opened to allow light through. Can anyone recommend a supplier/fitter in around Dublin? Any idea what they should cost roughly?
  2. Delboy

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    I had blinds fitted to the windows throughout the house we bought a couple of years ago. We used Kavanagh's in Ballyfermot but herself dealt with them so can't advise on price. I don't think it was expensive as I'd imagined it would be at the time, hence it's not imprinted on my mind! Apparently they come highly recommended as it was a bit out of the way for us to go to at the time otherwise
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  3. DeclanDublin

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    Thanks Delboy. I'll check them out. Always good to have a recommendation. I only need the three, so don't want to spend a fortune.
  4. Gordon Gekko

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    We used Hillary’s for blinds recently and found them good.

    The rep comes out to your home with samples and measures up.

    Then he fits them.

    All in all, we couldn’t fault the product or service.
  5. TomOC

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    I had a good experience with Hillarys too this year. I just looked at their site and as usual they have a huge sale (It seems to be nearly year round).
    Quality and installation was good.
  6. lledlledlled

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    I used Acme Blinds recently, their Fairview branch. Excellent quality and service, and reasonably priced.
  7. garbanzo

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    Square Blinds did the job for us recently. Good price and good, prompt follow up when we’d a minor problem. On the Long Mile Road in Dublin 12.