Recommend a good Mobile phone with decent battery

Discussion in 'Technology' started by DeclanDublin, 2 May 2018.

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    So, I heard the techie fellah, (can't recall his name), on the Marianne F. show and he recommended the Moto G 4, sometime last year. Bought it on Amazon, and within a few months the battery was giving up after less than a day. Switched then to a Samsung J7 and battery is rotten too and within less than a year. Looking for recommendations as to a decent phone, not too expensive, and with a decent battery life. I don't ask for much do I? :)
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    The Moto G5 has a replaceable battery, unlike most of its peers. 'Phone is fine so far, and I'm looking forward to keeping it for a few years by changing out the original battery with a replacement from Amazon or eBay when the time comes. The trick will be to find a pukka battery come the day.

    It seems almost criminal in this day and age to bin something that works well simply because of a failing battery - that's why I went for the G5 this time.

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    For the last few years I've bought Xiaomi Redmi phones (unlocked) and have a sim only plan (30 day contract). The one I have now is a Redmi 4 and the battery lasts for 5 days between charges. Less if I'm using wifi, mobile data, bluetooth & gps.

    If you only turn on those features when you need them your battery will last longer.
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    I have the Moto G4Plus and while the battery is no world beater I certainly don't have it giving up after less than a day. I typically charge it every 3-4 days. As Paid said, if you you have everything turned on (and if you don't clear out apps after use) I find it tends to drain the battery quicker so I turn things off when not required.
  5. Leo

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    One+ phones generally outperform their rivals in this regard.
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    Nokia 3310. Depends on your needs!
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    I had two motoG 5s and while the battery is OK, the sim card would often not actually connect correctly and I gave up after a while trying to sort it out. It's a known problem with motorola but they don't want to fix it apparently. Unless you fancy jumping through hoops to get a new sim and porting your number and other stuff every few months I'd avoid them.
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    Might be how you are using the phone. If you are a heavy user you might wear out a better in a year.

    Samsung J7 - 3600mAh
    Moto G4 - 3000mAh

    These are big batteries. But it depends how you use them. How bright the screen is, how often your services refresh. How much video or games you use.
    Facebook for example is known battery drainer vs using the website.
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    Yep, I have the screen brightness right up, and I'm always on FB. time to change those settings! Tx.
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    bought my missus a second hand oneplus 5 a few months ago for just under 300

    Battery and speed is excellent.

    if you could stretch the oneplus 6 should be better again.