AIB Recognising Brendan's contribution to the AIB Prevailing Rate Campaign


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Fair play pleb. I'd hope that most people have received their redress by now and have contributed to the fund.


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Apologies Brendan, there was a delay in firstly receiving, and then cashing, my cheque. Delighted to finally donate to such a lovely initiative and thank you so very much for all your work on our behalf on this issue over the years.


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Donation greatfully made to prevailing rate art fund. I was fortunate to receive a 20K payment and 25k write down plus tracker restored at 1.74%. (I appreciate it is merely a refund of my own money wrongfully taken by AIB). This is a life changing result for me and my family. I was blissfully unaware of this issue until a cheque of €1.615 came through my door in March 2019. I was in huge negative equity with the mortgaged investment property in a regional town in Mid West. I still am but at least closer to parity now. No words could adequately thank Brendan, Karen and the other active contributors here who persevered and faced down AIB and eventually got this result. Thank you all and know you have made a tangible difference to the lives of many many people. Go raibh mile mile maith agat. Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas.

Brendan Burgess

Hi Ericson

Thank you very much for that very nice message and the donation.

It was a funny year, and looking back on it, making AIB accountable and getting big write-downs and refunds for people, was a rare good news story among the gloom.

And glad to see you in the 300 cohort with a tracker for the remaining term of your mortgage.

Happy Xmas and New Year to you.