Rads slow to heat up

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by celticbhoy32, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. celticbhoy32

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    Hi all got a new grant boiler couple of years ago. Thing is when i turn it on, it takes over an hour for the rads to heat up. I have it timed to come on in the mornings at half 6 but its close to 8 before the rads are hot. Any ideas what the prob could be?
  2. aprentice

    aprentice Registered User

    Thermostat not opening possibly but you would need someone to look at it
  3. Leo

    Leo Moderator

    Is this all rads or just one/ a few? Recent problem or was it always the case? When they do finally heat up, is there consistent heat from the bottom to the top of the rad?

    Was a power-flush carried out when you had the boiler replaced(assuming it was a replacement and not a brand new install)? Have you tried bleeding them?
  4. jhegarty

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    Do they all heat at the same speed ?
  5. Frank

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    make sure the hot water isn't on at the same time.

    If the water is cold this will soak up a lot of heat at the start.
  6. Chris2014

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    Do they stay cold for an hour then heat up in seconds or gradually heat over an hour?