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    I've been listening to a lot of BBC scripted series - BBC radio player is not geo-blocked.

    Can be hit and miss, these are some of the best recent ones.

    John McGahern - Parachutes (1x 45 minutes)

    Dumped by his girlfriend, a man tries to drown his sorrows in the in the sharp and funny pub world of 1950s Dublin. Starring Brendan Gleeson as the Narrator, Pauline McLynn as Claire Mulvey, Mark Lambert as Paddy Mulvey, David Wilmot as Eamon Kelly and Karen Ardiff as the Woman.

    The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker (10 x15 minutes)

    Pat Barker reimagines Homer's The Iliad from the point of view of captured Trojan queen Briseis. Read by Nadine Marshall and Colin Salmon.
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    I listened to the first episode of The Silence of the Girls when it was first broadcast, but there was too much shouting and roaring.

    The In our Time podcasts are brilliant.

    I think I heard Parachutes before. I might listen to it again. Thanks for the link.

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    There'll be a repeat of Sebastian Barry - The Temporary Gentleman from the Book at Bedtime series soon.
    I will try to remember to post the link when I track it down, can sometimes be hard if it is part of a long running series.