RaboDirect Ireland will be closing in May

Discussion in 'Deposits' started by 1dave123, Feb 21, 2018.

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    I'm having difficulty finding a bank where I can open an online deposit account. I tried AIB cos I have a credit card with them, but no joy, they wouldn't open a deposit account for me unless I open a current account first. I told them I didn't need a current account, as I already have one with another bank. How many current accounts does one person need to be paying fees for?

    Also tried KBC but they didn't have online access and it's too difficult for me to get to a branch for every single transaction. Who needs that hassle anyway.

    I can't even open another PTSB account for my Rabo funds cos they only allow one online instant access account.

    Why do banks make it so difficult to do business with themo_O

    Has anyone any recommendations for deposit account that you can open & manage online, now that we're rereft of Rabo..
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    You can open demand deposit account with Aib in branch which can be accessed online and you can then open any online accounts. I did this recently and found process very efficient , only 10 mins in branch. Don’t need current account.
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    Just to mention that I had thought that, as I had withdrawn a largish lump sum in mid-2016 that there would be nothing left and I could just let Rabo close the account automatically. Imagine my surprise to see a balance of just over €160 as interest due when I logged in 'for pig iron' last Thursday. Hit the Close Accounts button and filled in the bits and bobs using the device. Money was transferred to my UB account last night. So two working days.
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    I know it's not a deposit account but i managed to open a current account with N26 on my phone in less than 10mins
    because I am out of the country Rabo really did leave me with few options but i have been very impressed with N26 if i'm honest deposit rates are pathetic anyway and i just needed to park funds so as not to bust the 100k deposit protection limit
    why can't irish banks do what N26 can ??????
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    What to do with their Digipass? More electronic litter. I guess i send it back to them. Mark the envelope FREE POST. Any better ideas?
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    thats what they tell you to do i think i recall
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    Just a reminder that this closes tomorrow
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    Interesting to see that just a week after the Rabo closure date, Ulster have dropped their 1 yr term deposit rate back from 0.6% to the 0.2% it was at before they made their little grab for Rabo money.
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    Same question here? Are Irish banks/ financial institutions totally backward in regard to above?

    I thought we were supposed to have a modern financial system and be pitching for London financial business post Brexit.

    Surely if that is feasible, our institutions can create and maintain a simple online system to deal with personal customers?

    Beginning to think that we're going back to Banana Republic territory.

    As it is, retrieved savings from Rabo and looking about for a flexible, online, 'safe' institution to deal with.

    Otherwise, it's throw it into the property market and engage in some speculating. The favourite activity among some of us it seems. If things go wrong, I'm sure others will pick up the tab for my 'property pension'.
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    With Rabo gone there is no bank in Ireland rated as 'safe'.
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    The KBC online interface and app is easy to use. N26 and Revolut have simple easy to use interfaces too.
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