question roaming effect on data usage?

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    came across a item while googling, need to know if possible concerning data usage while roaming(something got to do with way data is sent back and forth)above my head i am afraid
    ok supposing as example .you down load file /video clip/what ever you decide
    item is say example 50 mb under normal circumstances
    now suppose you download the same 50mb while roaming ,
    now according to article i saw on web, roaming has a effect on that 50mb in other words roaming increases that 50mb many times ,roaming could increase it to 200mb+ even though at home same file 50mb is this true/possible
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    No, that's nonsense. Post a link to the article if you like. What may happen -- indeed, very likely will -- is that you'll get charged a multiple of the price you'd pay at home. But the volume of data remains the same. The good news is that since last month your provider has to give you the same amount of roaming data as you have on your regular tariff at no extra cost. This only applies to roaming within the EU.
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