Question re Some interest earned from a P2P lender

Discussion in 'Tax' started by irbx, 8 Jan 2019.

  1. irbx

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    Hi Guys

    Started dabbling with P2P leading last year and made a whole 27 euro interest!

    I know have to declare this to revenue.

    I am currently PAYE worker with no other trade income and around 10 euro DIRT interest.

    I believe I have to file a Form 11 with ROS. If I do this online does it auto populate all my PAYE details for 2017 or will I have to fill these in as well?

    I presuming I cant do this via a form 12 on my account. "Other income section"

    Thanks for reading
  2. Mrs Vimes

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    I would assume you could include that level of income on a Form 12 - I believe Form 11 is only compulsory above €5,000 or something.

    You will have to wait until your employer's P35 is filed (mid Feb is the deadline) or use the details off your last 2018 payslip.