Question about getting investment/startup money




Are there any meetings in Ireland where entrepreneurs can meet potential investors for investment/startup money?


XXXAnother PersonXXX


We've been through all the (Government) funding stuff more than once. Here are a couple of tips we've found out the hard way. Of course, your position may be different. Someone else might have more experience with VCs or banks.

1. To get funding from anywhere, you'll have to either be a salesperson, or hire a salesperson.

2. Most Government funding is ultimately through Enterprise Ireland. They farm out funds to local 'subsidaries', such as Get Tallaght Working, PDC etc, etc...

3. Enterprise Ireland no longer just gives money out, in the form of grants. The best you can hope for is a preferential loan secured on your business, or for them to temporarily buy shares in your company (until you can afford to buy them back).

4. There will be lots and lots of paperwork and pie-in-the-sky business plans. These business plans will be no use to man or beast, but appease civil servants.

5. Enterprise Ireland are fussy about who they entertain. They look favourably at companies that will manufacture or export. Try not to 'displace existing jobs' - regardless if they are foreign companies or not. They love original ideas, and dislike 'me too' companies. (If you have an original idea that makes money, you can be assured you'll soon get competition anyway!)

6. Weigh up how long the funding effort will take. Would it just be easier to do a short term contract for it?