VHI PublicPlus Care Day-to-Day Benefits


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Could someone please help me with this?

So I need to see a consultant privately and their cost is €200 per visit. According to my VHI policy it says €60 will be covered by VHI as follows:
  • Consultants - €60 per visit.*
*Annual maximum of €850 and €100 excess per person, per year.
*The excess means that when your eligible benefits have exceeded the value of €100, we will then pay remaining eligible benefits up to the value of €850.

So in my case I will be paying €140 and €60 will be convered by VHI? Am I right?


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PublicPlus Care plan, as you say, has a 100 excess for day to day benefits. This means that the first 100 of allowable expenses is not refundable.
So, in your example, the way it works - you pay 200 euro upfront for a private consultant visit and submit the receipt to VHI for refund.
They calculate as follows; Allowable expense 60 minus 100 excess = -40 or No refund is due as your allowable expenses did not exceed 100 excess.

Another example, if you had 2 consultant visits, the calculation would be as follows; 2 visits x 60 = 120 - 100 excess = 20 refund.

The ideal excess amount for day to day benefits is 1 euro, so that it maximises the refund.
The VHI PublicPlus Care Day to Day plan @ 509pa, has a list of day to day medical expenses with a 1 euro excess.
For an extra 40 euro premium per year, it would be worth switching at your next renewal date.
On this plan, you would get a refund of 59 euro for the 200 consultant visit, 60 less 1 euro excess = 59 refund.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Regards, Snowyb