Public Sector Superannuation Links and Useful references

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    Model Employee Superannuation Scheme for State-sponsored Bodies from Dept of Finance
    Commission on Public Service Pensions Interim Report Index

    Key Post: Superannuation Civil and Public Service Pensions

    Analysis and Assessment of Public Service Pension Arrangements Pdf document from Dept of Finance

    Irish Civil Service Pensions
    This is a very important link for Civil Servants and what decent pensions they are entitled to. (link originally posted by Joey)

    Public sector pension option to buy back service with periodic contributions

    A very good page summarising the various public service schemes
    Civil Service
    Permanent Defence Forces
    Garda Síochána
    National and Second Level Teachers and Clerical Support Staff in Schools
    Third Level Education
    Health Service
    Local Authorities
    Non-Commercial State Sponsored Bodies (FAS, Forfas, Teagasc etc)

    Public Service Pensions pdf
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