PTSB PTSB: "Tracker probe is complete"

But a leading authority on tracker denial cases claims there are another 2,500 cases that the bank is refusing to concede on, or where people got redress but were put on the wrong tracker margin.


Financial adviser Padraic Kissane said the disputed cases will now be resolved by either the Financial Services Ombudsman or in the courts.

He is fighting with the bank over an estimated 1,500 cases where the mortgage holders should be on a different tracker rate.
I don't know how they can say it's complete until the cases have been decided upon by the Ombudsman or if they are taken to the High Court.

They might well be confident that they will win, but that is all they can say.



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This is very disappointing. We need to hear what the results from ombudsman cases are next. It would be good to think that they might be more positive.


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Am not with fpso yet. Awaiting instructions from Padraic kissane. There are a number of cases with FPSO so what I do will depend on outcome of those. Court is still an option. More hanging around waiting, so wearing.


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Stitcher, what is the rationale in waiting?

I have gone to fspo with what I regard as a well stated and clear case.

Is the suggestion that there is an element of "trial and error" on fspo submissions and that some will get a better outcome depending on "how" they made their argument as opposed to "what" the argument is?

That would concern me if true... i felt i could articulate my point myself and didnt see point in waiting.


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I understood you had to appeal to the fsop within 1 year of the CAP panel decision - if this is the case are you time barred from going or have they a longer time limit?


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I understand that individual FPSO submissions can be different with different focus, even tho let's say there were several on discounted trackers. You are arguing about the options letter, but my individual argument would be different. A third person might also argue differently. FPSO might decide tho that if there were a number of similar cases, let's say discounted trackers, then there may be a decision made on the group as a whole. That could either be a positive or negative finding. Knowing that there are discounted tracker cases with the FPSO at the moment, I will wait to see how Padraic kissane responds to the outcomes as he is handling my case.
Frustrating that it is still going on since 2009 (for me). My case back then with ombudsmen failed (PK might have done better if I had been with him then, although I thought I put forward a good case I probably did not focus on a few critical elements). I have to say I did not think we would be still fighting at this stage but am determined now to try all avenues.
Good luck to us!