Ptsb query


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I took out mortgage with ptsb in 2003, on fixed rate it 2.69% for 1 year , new business rate.(variable rate home loan ).
My contract says rate will revert to the prevailing standard variable rate after the year.
We went on to variable rate after 1 year , no tracker offered. ( was variable same as tracker then or did they exist ?)
In 2006 we fixed for 2 years ( which I have no written record of ) @3.99%
I got my file from ptsb and spoke to them .They told me I was on a tracker since I took out mortgage and then told me I went on one in 2006 . I have nothing mentioning a tracker in my file and nothing from 2006 offering me a particular set of rates.
We took out a new mortgage in 2008 , equity release loan , which paid off our old mortgage so I know there were no trackers offered for these.
I did not know I was ever on a tracker mortgage and have nothing in writing to say I did either .
It's very confusing looking through my file and trying to make sense of it. At the time I took out mortgage I didn't really know much about rates etc but always remembered that I was never on a tracker.
The time I'm confused about is from 2004 to 2008 where the paperwork does not correspond with what they have told me.
Any advice would be appreciated as I'm going in circles and don't know if it's worth looking into more or not.