PTSB/Pepper restructure


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Looking for some guidance if possible..
I was informed that I was sold to pepper in Dec.
I recently sent off sfs to permanent tsb as I taught I could afford to up repayments and they have come back with offer to allow me up payments from €705 to €833 per month. It's still interest part capital. The original balance at end was goimg to be €119,000 that will now have reduced to €63,000 on maturity... of which I'm happy with.

I suppose my question is if I agree to increase in payments are

A. Do u think pepper will continue to allow me meet restructure. Will they be happy to continue as I am.

B. Is this restructure now in place for 3 years following sale in June to pepper.

C. This restructure is at 4.5% rate. I recently got my statement and said I.could fix for 1/3/5 years at 3.7%. Should I contact PTSB to see if lower rate is option..