Property tax


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I am a one third co owner, legal owner of a house.
My folks own 2 thirds.
I live full time with my son in the house.
It is intended to transfer the 2 thirds to me in the future.

My question, as I own one third , added to that , I live there and will permanently , is there an option for me to actually pay the property tax each year ? Rather than my folks paying the second home tax.


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As a co-ownwer, you are equally liable for the Local Property Tax charge. So, yes, you can pay it. Even if you weren't co-owner, you can still pay it on their behalf - I pay my father's LPT every year using Visa Debit and there's no problem with it.

I don't understand what you mean when you say:

my folks paying the second home tax.
As such, there's no second home property tax now - the NPPR (Non Principal Primary Residence) tax was done away with; it's all LPT now, payable on on property owned.

Household Charge was first, NPPR was next, now it's LPT.
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