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Hi All,

I've read a couple of valid posts here about the low standard of property journalism which we are currently being subjected to in Irish newspapers. However I must say that the article titled "Every time you say Dubai, I wanna buy a little . . ." in yesterday's Sunday Indo was a new low - if you didn't read it, it's online at

Some of the pearls of wisdom from Mr O'Keeffe in this article are

"Now is a golden opportunity for those with some money in their pockets pending their maturing SSIA's, to whack it into a laughably inexpensive investment in this burgeoning international city."

"Dubai International City is a dramatic new complex that is destined to be a world-class hub for international investors, traders and retailers from around the world"

"Dubai's also a no brainer - go buy."

Mr O'Keeffe doesn't trouble readers with any "needless complications" involving potential legal problems, rental demand, economic outlook (e.g. dependence on oil revenue). Considering some apartments in Dubai are coming with "free" Audi A4's (see the weekend FT), I think this sums up the financial incentives that some UK sales companies are needing to flog Dubai property!!

Property investment in Dubai may turn out to be a good investment but surely one would expect a little balance in the lead article of the property section of a reputable Sunday newspaper - or are these sections (including the articles by the newspaper's own journalists) little more than advertising at this stage?



Hear hear!

... and, apart from all the completely irrelevant 'Anto' references, the text seems to be copied almost verbatim from the Lario Novo's web site. Advertising indeed.



I have to agree - these supplements are pretty much 100% advertising these days. By the way 'reputable Sunday newspaper' - the Sindo? Thats a good one!

Happened to actually see the property section of it hanging around there yesterday and have to say that I thought the article was a joke, Please be careful about defamatory comments - Brendan

Then there was an article on page 2 I think about a development in Ratoath, Co. Meath which waxed lyrical about the development and had a sub-heading stating that the place was only 15 minutes from the city centre! Yeh in a bleedin spaceship it might be! Unless of course they're referring to Meath City Centre!

I live 6 miles from Dublin city centre and theres no way you can make it to town in under 15 minutes. Maybe 20 minutes at 2am on a Sunday but no chance other than that. Think developers coming out with these speels should be done for false advertising, dunno what the paper has to gain by talking it up.

Have to laugh at the amount of people I know buying houses outside Dublin insisting that its only a few minutes from the city centre. One lives in Prosperous, 8 miles BEYOND Naas and tells me its only 35 minutes to town. Again, maybe during the early hours on a week night, but are you telling me you could leave that place at 8.25am and be in town for 9am? Yeh right you could be, my 6 miles to the city takes a great deal more than that in rush hour. There's some amount of disillusioned people out there, or else the era of the personal spaceship has arrived without me noticing!


Re: ... Sindo


Just to add to the article about Ratoath ..............

The article gives all the details about the development in "Steeplechase" on the Skryne road, but actually shows a picture of "Somerville" on the Fairyhouse road !!!




Re: ... Sindo

I'd love to know how much these muppets are getting paid to write about childhood acquaintances called Anto, copy and paste text from property developers' websites and match up articles (i.e. marketing) about new developments with pictures of different developments!!

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Brendan Burgess

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Can you give some thought to the difference between fair comment and defamation. Three of you made potentially defamatory comments which I have removed.

It also takes up a lot of moderators' time dealing with these type of posts. Your fair comment is enough to make your point without defaming the writer.